The One Intention Crusade.

The One Intention Crusade is a spiritual continuation of the Great Novena of Fatima, coordinated by the SECRETARIAT of FATIMA.

  • In the spirit of love for the Mother of God and with awareness that, as Poles, we consecrated ourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Secretariat of Fatima, continuing its servant ministry to the Message of Our Lady of Fatima, after completing the Great Novena of Fatima, takes up another mission: The One Intention Crusade..
  • The Crusade is an initiative that has at its root the concern for the development and deepening of the spirituality of Fatima. This is not about the spreading of another form of Marian devotion, but about fulfilling the obligations arising from the act of consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This was strongly emphasized both in 1946 and in 2017 by the Polish Episcopate, so as not to act passively but participate actively in the Message of Fatima. And such participation occurs in as much one practices the Five First Saturdays Devotion.
  • In Fatima, Our Lady showed us Her Immaculate Heart, asking for consolation, showing the way of salvation for sinners, the condition of peace in the world and foreshadowing the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart. She also underlined that the promise would be fulfilled if people will heed Her requests. Beloved ones: realize how much it now depends on each of us!
  • The One Intention Crusade is an invitation to any – in regards to place, time and form – prayer, penance or sacrifice, but always undertaken in this one specific INTENT. Therefore, as children of Mary, let us unite in the common concern, undertaking what is possible for us, and calling to God, in this one INTENTION. Offer, act, undertake any spiritual good – what will be possible for you in a given place and time – this one concrete INTENTION.
  • Beloved Brother and Sister, do not ask if you have to do it every day or once a week or maybe in a month. It is not about quantity, nor of importance is the place or day of the week. However, the most important thing is to do what is possible for you at a given time even if it was a tiny grain of good. Even once a year but for the very INTENTION that Jesus Himself formulated and the Mother of God in Fatima indicated.
  • Remember! If we receive through prayer this grace for ourselves and for others then Poland may fulfill its vows and the course of history may change. The entire nations may be saved from destruction, wars prevented in the world and souls saved from eternal damnation. We will contribute to the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary!